A response to a date is "I love McDonald's"?

Had up in the air plans to go out with guy for a beer and med***s (classy eh haha) , message him supper time the day of saying that I had a meeting and he said he was on call for work and prob shouldn't drink/go out out. I said If its easier for you we can reschedule. He responded hours later saying he got caught up at his moms and 'next time for sure' (mind you this is our 'first date, we;ve only known each other a week or two)

Than I said 'how about you give me a should when your free for that classy McDonald's date"

he than responded with "I lovee McDonald's haha"

um what? he went back and forth with this kind of thing before I asked him if he was serious about going on a date with me and he said "Of course I am! I hope you are as well"

Soo...he is just clueless? But I'm really turned off and don't really want to go out anymore haha


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  • Hmm.. What you could do is say this next time you make plans: Alright, we'll meet THIS DAY, so CALL ME THE DAY BEFORE so we can work out the details. Then he calls, you tell him when you are available, make a solid plan and voila. You both know what's happening, details ironed out. Or else, if you leave it up in the air, the potential for miscommunication is very possible. Or you call him. But make plans with confirmation. Yeah, it's fussy, but at least you will feel like your date is excited to be there with you and he'll feel (hopefully) the same. Good luck! :D

    • Thanks! I will def take your advice. I might also tell him that I can't wait for the date because I prefer face to face over texting (I HATE texting) and now I'm afraid we have texted to much and burned out the conversation

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  • He was probably nervous! nervous got best of him it happens! I'm sure he was joking around about the McDonalds thing and if not who cares? my boyfriend and me had a first date at his house watching a movie! As long as your together getting to know each other does it matter where you go?

    • Haha no the mcd***s + beer thing was serious haha. I'm totally down for a mcd***s and beer but the problem is getting to go somewhere haha. I met him on a dating site