Would this bother you too?

I don't know if I'm being too needy or what, but something has been bothering me lately.

My girlfriend will sometimes ignore my text messages, or reply back hours later. Typically the messages she ignores don't necessarily need a reply, but it wouldn't be difficult to reply to them. Last week she told me she felt like a friend to me and wanted me to tell her everything that was going on in my life. I never bothered texting her the small details because she doesn't usually reply back when I say things like "I just saw your friend" or something similar. She knows it bothers me and I've told her countless times. She also knows that I reply to every text she sends me because I see it as a sign of respect and my way of saying "I'll always be there for you/I'm a phone call away." 3 months ago she sent me a text that didn't necessarily need a reply...when I didn't reply she had her friend call me to test me.

Does it bother you when your S.O ignores your texts?


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  • yes I too find it so annoying ! just try to stop calling or texting her for 1-2 days and see her reaction


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