Is it a problem to date spine deformed people?


I have an enormous issue with talking to girls. Okay basically I got a spine condition called scoliosis. It means the spine gets twisted and causes some body deformity. Some time in the future I'll need surgery. And I bet most of this issue is not related to my medical condition.(Never dated, even at school) ( something more or less similar) So, how much of an issue is for women to appear in public with spine deformed guys? Then, there is a second issue. The bed issue. While in public most people probably wouldn't even understand what I got(and if they did then wouldn't have a problem with it), getting undressed is something else. (Uneven waist, chest deformity) But frankly I can't imagine myself with a lady who would carry the grocery products for me because I can't. Thanks for answers in advance!


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  • You're young with a bunch of women on this earth. Put yourself out there and try. A lot of women don't look into deformities as a deal breaker. If that one woman does, then move on. She's not worth your time. Be confident and have fun! You're only young once.

  • Kurt Cobain had scoliosis and he was HOT!

    I think you're blowing it way out of proportions. It's not a big deal and it's not that noticeable either. So your spine is not straight- so what, you can still be fit and good looking!


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