Why do some people take a view on relationships that even I view as extreme?

Like, I think it is okay to kiss and date before you marry someone, but some people think you should not kiss until you get married, and that you should court, and not date... thoughts?


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  • Hey, if it works for them, great! I personally love to kiss and think it's okay to do before marriage. But if I hear about a couple who has their first kiss on their wedding day (I saw one on Say Yes to the Dress) I think that's really romantic and adorable.


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  • I know at least two (correction, three , ages 36, 40 and 58 ) women who met a guy who didn't want sex before marriage. These women were charmed by old fashioned respect and married their guy.

    One year after marrying they still hadn't had sex and were considering divorce. Two divorced, the third one lives with it.

    • odd

    • Odd?Not really:

      -The guy married to the 58yo had a tiny tiny penis.

      -The guy married to the 40 yo was 65 and had ET.

      -The guy married to the 36 yo turned out to have serious autism. She knew it but hadn't understood the possible implication of it.