Is it wrong I'm making him drive so far to see me?

This guy I've been talking to online (met on dating website) for almost 2 months now on and off we don't like talk everyday or anything. However when he was free I was busy and now vise versa. Our schedules don't align up and its hard to meet up and on top of that we live like an hour drive away from each other. I don't have access to a vehicle at the moment and public transit for me to reach him would talk 2 1/2 hours I think.

However, he said if he's interested he's interested he can come and see me next week in my town otherwise we both meet in a different area uptown in the state. It'll take him 35 min to get there taking his car or public transportation.

I'm such a nice person I don't know what I should do, should I make him drive the extra 15 min or so to see me in my town?

What would you do?

Keep in mind 4 guys (online first dates) I had which all rejected me after the real date in person. I traveled an hour and 15 min to meet them via public transportation. I just don't want this guy to think omg she's so ugly or bad personality after meeting me and taking long to reach there.


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  • An hour is not a far drive

    • But for someone that you don't know? The ride could be around one hr 15 min ish depending on the traffic.

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