Fourth date help! My turn to invite him out?

So I´ve seen this guys 3 times now. We had a nice time, no physical contact yet though but good conversation. He invited me out on the first date, then I wrote to him to arrange the second and he took initiative for the third. At the end of the third he said he thought we should do it again. Do you think that means it´s my turn again to take a step? It´s been 4 days now since then.

It´s just important to point out that we´re young students and both pretty casual people so I guess all those "rules" about dating don´t apply to us (e.g. guy picking a nice restaurant, calling you etc, we don´t call each other, we use Facebook ;) )


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  • Yes but 4 dates with no contact is strange to me. So if you invite him out and later take him to your place, try to make him comfortable with being able to touch you. Maybe even just hold his hand in the little moments


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