Girl tells me after first date it felt more like a friendship, am I doing somthing wrong?

She came over to my place to watc(she was) adid)ie. It was fun! The movie was pretty good, but the best part of the date by far was our cinversation after the movie. It really 'clicked' between us.

So the next day, we got texting again and I told her I had a great time and thought we should do it againstihe said that she had fun too, but that is was probably best to let the dust settle first.

Later that day, she texted that it all just felt more like a friendship to her and she doubted that thise feelings would come. She didn't like telling me that. she told me I was a very sweet guy and that I deserve a great girl and that she was sure thst would happen soon enough.

I told her she shouldn't feel bad (which she did), because she didn't do anything wrong. Now, I wonder whether I did something wrong so that I came across as a friend instead of somethung more. What do you think?

More details on what happened at the date

I had this big chair-like runt, basically a loveseat without armrests, which is very confortable. When she arrived, I asked her whether she would like to sit on that thing or if I should get snugger chair. She was fine with the loveseat

During the movie, we sat close, but we never actually cuddled. I did bot get the feeling she actually wanted that.While we both did laughed a lot and we had a good time, but it.never got more than that during the date


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  • On the bright side, she had a good time (which is better then having a bad time). Its less that you did something wrong as you just came off as a friend (which she may be right about). If you made this a date; that means you do more then just talk and watch a good movie (unless you're in a committed relationship :P). Basically the next time you plan something like this, make sure you make it clear that you are physically attracted to her (ie. perhaps letting her sit down somewhere first then sitting next to her) but don't try so hard it just feels like you're trying to grope her. If it's too much, she'll tell you (but don't let it get to that point). Also perhaps a movie at your house isn't the best first date. Sure movies are great, but if you've got the money, shell out for movie tickets and dinner (it gives a nice vibe) or some other date, but your house isn't particularly the best place just because it screams "casual." If you must have it at your house, make sure you do ANYTHING to separate what you do with this girl and what you do with your friends. Perhaps make a nice dinner beforehand or get her a little something. Its less of the date, its more that it was your FIRST date. And your first date has to say that you are interested in her as more then a friend. Good luck :)


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  • The date sounds like two friends chilling. You didn't make a move.


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  • You got friend zoned. Girls want good looking bad guys, if you don't have enough of those, you just entered the friend zone.

  • You should describe more of what happened other than seeing a movie. Did you make physical contact with her, how was your mood, were you flirty, did you cuddle, did you hold her hand, how was the talking, etc. You probably did something wrong though

    • Yeah next time you shouldn't tell a girl where to sit but rather have her join you how she pleases. But hey you made a good friend

  • She didn't like you. That happens. At least she was polite about it.

  • you're probably not escalating the interaction through playful flirting and non sexual touching. Not giving off that vibe that your sexually / romantically interested in her.

    you say you didn't get the feeling she didn't want to cuddle, well you can test that through some simple, non sexual touching, putting your arm around her, etc and see how she reacts.

    you didn't try to make any kind of a move so it felt like she was hanging out with a friend. next time try to make a move and I don't mean just go in for a kiss. start with some simple non sexual touching, your arm around her etc to ease the tension.

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