What to do with this girl?

Few months back, I met this really cool girl. We instantly hit it off, but neither one made a move. A month later, we randomly meet again and have an awesome time talking. Again no moves were made, but when I left, started thinking into it more. Ideally I'd like to catch up again, and ask her on a date, but the times we have caught up have been few and far between.

My question here is this, how can I organise a date, when we have only met on random occasions?

I have her number, is texting the way to go? How would one do this?


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  • If she already texts you a lot that's already a good sign! Just ask her to hang out first if you think asking her out would be to toward. Make sure you made legit plans and pick a place! I'm sure she Will Be happy You asked!

  • Definitely worth a shot! A girl may be flattered by your invitation :)


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