For guys: what actually means "I want us to be just friends?"

we have met on line. he told me in the first night we spoke that he broke up his ex some months ago and that he is not recovered. I've been there and I tried to make him feel better, cause I've been there, in his place.

in the next day we have met, and we started to date almost every single day, but we didn't kiss. he said he is better, but I know he is not. after 10 days of dating and a try of a kiss he told me he wants me as a friend.

he didn't tell me nothing more, nothing less so I stopped talking to him. but he started to call me, telling me I didn't call. since then we talk every day, and we see each other very, very often.

this evening we cooked together and we are planning to go in a trip tomorrow. what I don't understand is what he really wants from me.


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  • he just wants to friends...

    At times it happens that you just end up spending a lot of time together..

    Anyway the point is he likes you as a friend..

    But remember you don't want to be a rebound GF..

    Good thing for girls, you can be friends with him because it is likely his attraction of you will grow as you spend more time together...

  • I think he's told you exactly what he wants from you: friendship. He doesn't want to date you, kiss you, or have sex. He wants a platonic friendship.

    It amazes me that women say men don't communicate clearly: this guy told you *exactly* what he wants, backs it up with consistent behavior, and yet you're still confused.

    • Yeah, but I don't meet my friends every single day, and I don't call them all day long as he does. this is strange for me.

    • If he's bugging you, tell him that you like him but don't have time to see him every day, and don't have time for long telephone conversations each day.

      he might just be desperate for someone who'll listen and be sympathetic.

    • You have the right to set boundaries with friends. "I like you, but this isn't a good time. Let me call you when I'm free, okay?"

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