Was her tweet aimed at me?

Alright so here was the conversation link

But I noticed after I told her I was only teasing her (which as at 11pm), the following morning at around 9, she tweeted ""Haven't you f*cked off yet? #wanker".

I'm just wondering, would this be aimed at me? She ended up texting two days later as it carries on.

Lately, I asked if something was bothering her? I didn't get a reply to the text, so I inboxed her on Facebook asking if I've done anything wrong and if she wants me to stop talking to her. It says she's seen the message, but still no reply?

Should I just block her and move on? Or should I just carry on with other things and see if she ever does reply?


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  • Don't block her.. just stop messaging her. The last thing you want is to be that person who keeps trying and doesn't get a response. Makes you look needy

    She is definitely not interested in talking a lot, in my opinion

    • I'm not sure why, we were getting on good but now this :/ Our last conversation was me texting "You'll never guess what just happened", she replied instantly saying "What?", then I told her a joke. She replied quickly again with "Ah it came through from an email, (my email address) eh".

      I replied a day later with "Haha, came through as an email?". Then a few hours later I texted if something was wrong, finally I messaged on Facebook saying I was under the impression she didn't want to talk

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    • Oh by the way, saw he replied to her tweet/instagram saying "why am I a 40 year old man hahaha", she said "i love you, anorak and all", he said "hahaha oi that's my news reporter coat leave it out", she replies "hahahaa, old man reporter anorak". Someone told me it could have been an inside joke between them, but I'm going to lie low, wish her happy birthday at the weekend and see if she contacts me. Once she realizes I'm not bothered, should she be interested, she'll make contact

    • Yeah. Stop caring. You're wasting your energy

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  • I don't know why they drag out conversations for that long just to reply. I know they know, I've had girlfriends try to avoid guys this way. It sucks once you know that. I would just stop communicating with them. you'll be happier once you get used to doing it.

    TL;DR: Just stop talking to her. There is more people you can be talking with that will reply to you. Don't get stuck please.