What are the signs that we are dating?

I went on a second date with a guy I really like last night. We met for food and drinks. Over dinner, we made plans to go to a sporting event next weekend. At the end of the date, he walked me to my car and kissed me (our first kiss). He kissed me a few more times before he walked away, and I got a text from him 5 minutes later saying he liked my lips.

Are we dating now? What happens to change from going on dates with someone, to dating him?

Almost all the other guys I've dated have been friends first and it was a clear change from being friends to dating--generally starting with a kiss.


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  • I think your daying now to be honest. The difference now is you underline the boundaries. Is it open dating, closed, sex now or sex later. Those things. Also you should try to spend more time with him and hold hands that kind of thing


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  • yup, you're dating. You go on dates and its assumed that you aren't going on dates with other guys. You like him, he likes you; sounds a lot like dating to me.

    Have fun :)

    • Thanks. I know I'm not going on dates with other guys, but do I need to ask if he is seeing other women? Or do I just wait it out and assume that he's not?

    • probably not. I mean, there's always a chance (sadly) but it sounds like you're good and he shouldn't even be thinking of cheating. Assume he's not - it sounds like a closed relationship