Do you REALLY always need to move fast with girls?

Just read a article on the internet that said that if you don't move fast with girls (he implied that you needed to have s#x on the first date), they'll start to think of you more like a "boyfriend/husband category" and be too worried to mess things up with you to actually do anything. The author was saying that the only way to get a girl was to move really quickly with them- aka, getting their phone number and setting up a date within 10 min of meeting with them, "inviting them home" after the first date, etc. What do you guys think about this view point?


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  • That would be for casual sex which you could then turn into a relationship. People say don't tell a girl your deep secrets until you've screwed her because it will just make her change her mind. If she's one of those typical girls who is looking for a trophy for her friends this definitely applies.

    Think about it:

    If a guy cheated on a girl and the girl found out about it and talked about it with her friends. Her friends would try to convince her otherwise. She'd then possibly drop him.

    Now if the guy already slept with the girl and then he told her he has cheated in the past and she mentioned it to her friends, they'd tell her to dump him but she'd still likely defending him up and down saying he's a nice guy.

    Once a girl has slept with a guy, there is a big chance she's gonna defend him up and down because dumping him after getting sexual with him so fast would make her fear she'd be viewed as a whore.

    • no.. no it wouldn't make her fear being viewed as a slut.

    • Depends on the crowd. Some girls can be very judgmental to their friends. I've seen some "friends" fight pretty badly.

    • don;t think it would make her fear being viewed as a slut

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  • id think the guy was a slut. nothing bad about that except I wouldn't be interested I him.

    i like to be friends first. that way ideally if you decide not to be in a rel you can still be friends.and if you get ino a rel you don't have100 000 miscommunications a week because udk each other very well and everyone comes with preconceptions about people.

    lol a girl isn't going to think better of you or think you think better of her because you try to have sex immediately. that sonds more like propaganda to get guys sex quicker even with women who want relationships. I call bs. lol

    wgy would you worry about her thinking of you as a boyfriend, if you want her for a girlfriend. and if this is about casual sex then why would you be doing anything other than trying to have sex. I suddenly don't see what you're asking.

    are you asking about friends with benefits or ons?

  • If I ever meet that I will sucker punch the stupid out of him!

    This is wrong in so many ways.I would NEVER EVER go out with a guy that acts like that.Ever!

    Most of the guys I dated were cute and more on the shy side(I like to date guys with completely different personalities than mine).

  • And being someone's boyfriend is a bad thing...?


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  • No, all girls are different... if you were to have sex on the first date some might see it as a sign of affection, but it's more likely they'll think you just want your fix and to move on, or that you're just a manwhore. I find it better to be friends first, and before you ask... No I don't get stuck in the friend zone.

  • I am always kind of quick with things in relationships myself.

  • It sounds like he was talking about getting casual sex.

    Always? No. But if you walk and talk like a relationship guy, girls will show you how much self respect they have by moving very slowly. And deny they ever have casual sex.