How to explain a burn in an awkward place to a guy on a date?

Because I am the luckiest girl in the world I woke up with a lovely little lump on my lip yesterday morning. Which scared the sh*t out of me! I had never experienced anything like it so when I first felt it, I jumped out of bed ran to the mirror (couldn't really see it that well) and then comparatively ran my fingers around my lips to get a good feel for it and see if there were anymore (there were not). I then hoped on our lovely friend google and searched around for a cause. At first I thought it was a cold sore (only thing that seemed to fit) so I panicked because I had done the one thing you aren't supposed to do and touched all of the rest of my lip after wards (what can I say I've never had one before how was I to know?). After reading about them for a while though (and freaking out all over the place as I read) I realized besides the precence of a lump... Nothing else seemed to match... So I went back to my original search and looked some more and realized that I actually had burned my lip yesterday when I spilled to much hot sauce on my burrito and ate it anyway cause that's how I roll lol. After waking up this morning to find it only went down slightly, but hasn't spread at all, I'm fairly confident it was a burn not a cold sore. OK so now the thing is I have a date tonight. I don't think it is worth calling it quits over something so minor (you can barely see it). I understand completely though if he doesn't want me to kiss him just in case, but how should I approach the subject? I don't want to freak him out lol

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  • Sounds like a blemish. Most likely a ingrown pimple. Hot sauce will not burn your lips unless it was temperature hot. Unless you got herpes! That would explain cold sores. But I think it is a pimple. Is it balled up and dead inside?

    • Nope it is 100% acting like a burn blister!

    • Just looked it up, you can indeed get burn blisters from hot sauce (and hot peppers)

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