How to date a girl while liking another girl?

I really like this girl (who we will call girl1), girl1has a boyfriend and, so she is off limits, so I haven't tried any funny business with her.

I recently found out that there's another girl (who we will call girl2) who likes me, she a nice girl but I don't like her the way I like girl2.

I really want to forget about girl1 but I can't get her off my mind and girl2 is a really nice girl and I may miss an opportunity to meet a nice girl because I like one who's off limits.

What should I do:

- Wait until girl1 is single again?


- Date girl2, regardless of how I feel about girl1?


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  • Don't date girl 2 just to get over girl 1. That would be really selfish of you, especially since it seems like she really likes you. Ask yourself this, would you like it if a girl used you like that? Say, if girl one hypothetically broke up with her boyfriend and then used you to get over him? I'm pretty sure you wouldn't like that. Only date girl 2 if you can see yourself becoming interested in her for real. If you can't see it, you really shouldn't do it. It will only cause unnecessary drama.


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  • dont date girl 2 unless you have feelings for her as more than friends, its horrible to be someones rebound or be used by someone, how would you feel if girl one dated you because her current boyfriend was dating someone else and off limits and she didn't feel the same way about you?

    dont go after girl one until she's dumped her boyfriend and over him (if she does) and don't use girl 2, you may miss a chance to be with a nice girl but you won't be being a nice boy if you use her and you might jade her if she finds out why you leave her and how you really feel and she won't be one of those nice girls anymore, she will feel like a pushover and will close up more with new bfs

  • Date girl2 until girl1 becomes single...

    • But wouldn't that be unfair to girl2 since I'm not into her and her friends have hinted me that she's really into me.

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