Boyfriend being very confusing. What gives?

We've been together for two years. I haven't seen him for three weeks due to me being away at school and he having a busy schedule.

He has expressed to me in the past that he'd like me to be more romantic and flirtatious with him via text since I typically just send him need-to-know stuff via text.

So this weekend he's gone on a college visit across the country and so I thought I'd flirt with him a little during his trip.

Admittedly I may have laid it on a little thick but nothing completely inappropriate.

I just texted him that I missed him and hoped he was having fun and that I couldn't wait for him to be home. I told him that I missed his kisses and cuddling with him. I also told him that he's sexy.

Now, I tell him this stuff on a regular basis face-to-face, I just never mention it really in text.

And I told him this and he got all embarrassed and told me I was making him blush and then told me if I didn't stop he'd ignore me. And then he proceeded to ignore me for the rest of the day.

So...guys...what the heck? He tells me he wants me to be more flirty over text but then when I be flirty he shuts me down.

I'm confused.


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  • I personally think that this is just silly. If the problem is text messages, and that's your biggest problem with the two of you. Then just let it go. If you tell her face to face, I think that's great. I mean what gives, you clearly show him you love him. Maybe he was having a bad day?


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