I Haven't heard from my girlfriend in a couple weeks, help?

So my girlfriend and I are both 24 years old, and have been together nearly 6 months. We love each other very very much... She has anxiety and panic attacks sometimes, but she has been prescribed meds for this. And it doesn't take a lot to make her upset and have an attack either...just hearing me in pain does it. Then I feel bad.

But I digress...a couple of nights ago, she thought I was mad at her when I really wasn't...she had hurt my feelings but I wasn't "mad". I went to work and a couple hours later, her friend texted me saying she found her in a bloody bathtub, with an empty Xanax bottle and a bottle of Vodka...her wrists were cut too. I was CRUSHED, but couldn't go anywhere or do anything till I got off work.

UPDATE: 2 weeks ago we had been talking and texting, since visiting at the hospital is very limited...and I had been physically sick myself the past couple days at the time. My friend has been talking to her (without my knowledge) and made her even more mad and upset till finally she turned her phone off.

She was transferred to a mental facility for 30 days...idk WHERE she is or if she can make phone calls. I didn't even get to say goodbye, I didn't even KNOW she was gone till the next day, cause I heard nothing from her. I was so angry and hurt with my friend. And I hope I won't be made to pay for something that I didn't even do and wasn't my fault, cause I was passed out most of that day.

It has now been 2 weeks and I have heard nothing from no one. I have even tried messaging her mom and her best friend on Facebook, but I don't think theyre on there very much. I am going nuts, worrying and crying and praying for her nonstop...hoping she won't forget me and will still love me...


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  • You should visit her parents to at least take news from her, and get the temperature. You will probably knnow better what happened then.

    There's a chance they won't want to talk to you, but still go and see for yourself.


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  • If she is in a mental facility, there is a good chance she cannot make calls or have visitors. The idea is to isolate her from potential triggers and work on them through therapy.

    Let her have her space for now, not much point in worrying that she will forget you since there's absolutely nothing you can do about it.