What should I do with her?

so I knew this girl from online for 5 years. I did date her online few years back. Now we are somewhat neutral friends. Few month ago, I started to develop a feeling for her again. So I decided to confess to her. She recently got cheated on by her boyfriend online few weeks ago so it was kind of a bad time for me to confess. When I told her my feelings, she told me she doesn't want any online relationship because of all the bad times she had previously. I even told her multiple times I won't do it and she knows she trust me... For some reason she doesn't want to give in and she said she doesn't like me the same way. . I was really depressed and at that point I told her best way to settle this is by not talking to each other for awhile. After not talking to her for a day and thinking about myself for couple of hours. I realize how special she was to me. No matter how many times I say it, those memories I had with her just could not give up... So I came back to her and apologized and acted as if those confession never happened and she understood it and accepted it.

I don't know what to do with her. I am in love with her but... looks like I'm stuck in friend zoned ... =/


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  • Tell her this!


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