Ex talks to me but doesn't initiate contact. Thoughts?

Because we are in a LDR and he said, after once saying he might come here to my state, well then 2 months later it was ''we can't have something serious," so that hurt me a lot. I ended it with him, thinking I had to so I could let go of my feelings for him. He was saying for us to stay friends and I felt too much for him to just be that.

He was very hurt when I did it, really silent and bummed, so was I cause I was forcing myself to end it with him.

On his b'day, 4 days after we broke up, I text him happy birthday he said thanks - we had small talk in texts.

Then a work issue came up, I sent him a text and we talked more. But anyway, he did not reach out to me really yet besides one poke on Facebook after his b'day.

So do I just assume at this point he does not want us to talk anymore?


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  • I think it means he wants to be friendly, but nothing more then that


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