Do some guys just really not like to text?

I have gone out with a guy a couple of times and, although I was the last one to ask if he wanted to grab some drinks after work, at the end of the date, he leaned in to kiss me (our first kiss). He actually kissed me a fews times after I kissed him back, so I would think that says he's interested in me.

But between dates we barely text (he never initiates it) and there are a few times he just hasn't responded to texts I've sent him.

Yesterday we text briefly to make plans to see each other this coming week. Later last night, I sent a quick text just saying that the new place we chose looks like a lot of fun, and I'm excited. He didn't text me back. Then today, I text him and commented on the game, but again, he didn't respond.

Should I read his lack of responses and lack of texting me as a warning that he isn't as into me as I thought, or do some guys just not like to text?

From my perspective, I like texting him because I am really enjoying getting to know him and we have fun together. Any chance to talk is a chance to learn more about each other---even if it's just a few short texts. Should I stop texting him, or should I tell him that I like hearing from him?


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  • From my POV as a guy, I think he may be trying out some hard to get. He might be trying to get you to chase him instead of him chasing you, which would come off as clingy/desperate.

    I suggest that you take 1-3 days of no contact and see what happens. If he texts, calls, ignore it. And after that time, text him and tell him that you've been really busy/etc. But don't give him too much.

    • Aren't we too old for this? We already have a next date set, so what would be the point? He kissed me 2 days ago, and I kissed him back. He knows I'm interested, and that I don't have a problem asking him out. I'm guessing he will not text me in the next couple days. I will probably be the one to text him again the night before we plan to hang out because I have the tickets to the football game we're going to.

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  • I hate texting.

    • Why? Just curious. Do you respond to your girlfriend/wife/girl you might be interested in if she texts you? Or do you just wait to talk in person?

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    • So pretty much, you don't like small talk? :)

    • Not in text while I'm working, no.

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  • Well, I would take it as if he isn't all that interested in you as you are into him. You mentioned that he leaned in to kiss you when you guys grabbed drinks. Do you think that it was actually him or the drinks? Just asking..

    If a guy isn't responding, then he isn't interested in what you have to say or your conversation. Back off of him for a little while, and he doesn't come around then you'll know if you take him seriously or it's time to move on or not.

    Best of luck..

    • Normally I would agree with you, except he had 2 drinks total plus food, so I can't imagine he was drunk.

      We have a date set for this weekend. I'm not going to be able to back off if I'm planning on hanging out with him...right?