Guys: Do you get annoyed by a couple texts from a girl you're just starting to date?


Does it annoy you if you've gone out with a girl a few times and she texts you twice over a few days without you answering in between? I sent a guy I just started seeing a text yesterday and today, but did not get a response to either, although neither text required a response. I was just commenting on something that we had previously talked about, and then something silly I saw while out today. That's kind of my personality.

Is that annoying to him, especially since he is not a big texter? I know he's interested in me, and we have a date set for Wednesday, but I don't want to unintentionally annoy him.


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  • It wouldn't bother me, I like to know I'm on a girl's mind. I would be answering your texts and not ignoring them though

    • I'm not sure if he is intentionally ignoring them. There are times that he does respond to my comments/stories and times that he doesn't. But in person, the dates go really well, we talk about future dates, and he kissed me for the first time the other night. But I know what you mean, I would be answering the texts too.

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  • Aghh, last girl I dated called me over 10 times a day. As if I have no freedom.

    Long story short, don't be clingy, give him space, I'm sure u'd want the same as well

    • Yes, and I understand that. But isn't there a difference between 2 texts 2 days in a row and calling 10 times a day? I'm not planning on texting him again until the end of the week to work out the details of our date.

      Is that too clingy?

    • Depends on the texts, did he respond back? I can't see a problem then, basically sending him millions of texts a day gets old

    • No, he didn't respond back, which is what is so frustrating. The first one was at the end of a text conversation when I just had an afterthought saying that I'm excited to try out a new restaurant that just opened, and the second one the following day was a comment on how awful my football team is (our schools are rivals). Those were the ones he didn't respond to. Do those sound like "annoying" texts?

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  • I'm a woman but I know how guys think. I think guys do get annoyed. You need to make yourself desireable and give him tme to think of you. It creates anticipation to when you guys see eachothr again. Try to stay busy with your life and you wil see he will notice you more. Get a book caled Think Like a Guy by Guliana Depandi.