If you compliment someone on the phone, and they cut you off, what would you think/feel?

So this guy wanted to take me out today.. We've talked but never actually gone out on a date.

I don't normally go out on dates, so that is something I'm not very comfortable with.

When asked when I would be available, I didn't want to say no because it's just harsh but I didn't want to set a date either, so I said..

"I don't know when...I'll just see you at the gym",

*that's where we met*

At this point my brother was talking to me and I didn't hear what the guy was saying to me on the phone, so I just said...


to whatever he said,

and then he said..

"really, only at the gym?"

and again I said...


and in my head I thought 'oh that sounds harsh' ...and he sounded kind of bummed out, and it made me sad a bit, because his voice went dim, and then I think I heard him say...


his voice went almost to a whisper, but I wasn't sure,

then I said


and he said...

"you're so beautiful"

and I said...

"okay bye"

because it was my reaction to what I had initially heard and I clicked on him ...

As I cut the call, I was thinking 'did he just call me beautiful, and I clicked?' :o kind of like 'did that just happen?'

Was that rude of me?I certainly wasn't trying to be.. but I can't stop thinking about it.. it was unintentional and I feel bad xD

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  • Neutral/whatever/might call again
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  • Never call again/The person is rude
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  • Think or feel nothing of it/ might never call again.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Well, he asked you out and you rejected him by saying you'll just see him at the gym.

    Then you apparently confirmed that he'll ONLY get to see you at the gym.

    Then your response to a compliment was "bye" and hanging up on him.

    That's pretty rude, yes. I understand you being uncomfortable, but you really did come off pretty cold. I really feel bad for him, poor guy.

    If you like him, you'll DEFINITELY need to make en effort to rectify this. If a guy had done that to me, I'd probably leave them alone and back off. That's probably what he's going to be doing now.

    I voted C.


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What Guys Said 1

  • You should probably try explaining the situation to him next time you see him. If I was the guy in question I probably would be upset too.


What Girls Said 3

  • I think if you want this to work out you need to explain the situation to him. You also need to tell him about your feelings when it comes to dating in general so he at least understands its not personal, you are just shy and/or unsure.

    If I were him and I did not know anything (what you have explained to us) I would feel sad or even slightly offended and I wouldn't keep trying.

  • Oh, I completely relate to this! I'm dealing with trying to make myself comfortable with dating right now since I've never really done it, but I get so nervous and chicken out! Anyway, as it was unintentional, it shouldn't be considered rude. If you want to, you can always explain that you were a little preoccupied when you were talking to him, just to make him understand that you are interested (unless you aren't...)

  • I think honestly if you want something to come out of this. I would explain what happened and what you are feeling. He's not a mind reader..

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