Why can't I get too close?

t his guy like love to tease me and joke around. We text all the time but we have never hung out together. He's actually quite shy and I've asked once or twice to hang out even with other people and he doesn't. And yet, we continue to flirt, tease, text. One thing I've noticed is that anyone even other girls and sit next to him and he has no problem. He can talk to them face to face standing and it's no problem. With me, he prefers a seat between us if I sit next to him or near him. If he is standing and I approach him he gets really really antsy and talk to me really quickly and then walked away. Why can't I be close to him without him getting antsy or tapping his knee? He is actually even verbally said when I get up close to him money sitting down " OK, you have to sit down now. Over there." and then gives me a cOysmile. he's even careful about touching me. Why am I so different to other girls? We are pretty close so what gives?

Sorry about the darn typos. I was voice texting w my phone earlier!


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  • He might have strong feelings about you and a bad self-image. He might think you don't like him back and won't open to you. I don't know, try being blunt.

    • So this is a good thing? Any other girl we/he knows, its absolutely not a problem that they sit directly next to him! If I bypass his rule of "one seat between us", he is super jumpy, awkward, even moved his seat slightly away. The other night I put my foot on the bottom of his chair, he jumped and looked down at it. Do I gross him out? Then why text me and be flirty or playful?

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    • He is neither young nor inexperienced

    • Then I don't know. In any case, if he's making you feel uncomfortable you should talk to him. Ask him to cut the crap, if he has any problem with you he should tell you. His behavior is not normal, that's for sure, and you don't have to put up with it.

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