I think my friend really wants to kiss me and I don't know what to do.

so, I've got this friend and he is a few years older than i, and he is a HUGE flirt. I don't really have feelings for him, but he keeps like hinting about kissing me and today he actually tried it!

the first time, he "accidentally" hit me in the face with a bag of his track spikes and was like oh, I'm sorry... I will kiss it and make it better, and I was like...uhh no thanks. and he was like, okay but you are missing out

the next time he hinted at it was a few days ago when he asked me if I had ever kissed anyone before, I haven't so I told him no. ( this was a really weird question...just out of the blue)

and TODAY he asked me to fill up his water bottle for him, and I jokingly told him I would do it if he paid me...and he said he would give me a kiss in return, and I told him I would just do it for free.


when I got back he told me to sit next to him, and he subtly tried to kiss me in front of a lot of people so I just sort of ignored him, because

A. I'm pretty uncomfortable with it in the first place


B. wasnt sure if he was joking


C. didn't want to do it in front of our friends!

so then we talked and I pretended nothing happened but then he moved across the room, and I was like, jeez mike(not his real name) I feel loved now! and he was like well...you regected me!

SO I feel really bad now...i didn't want to hurt him, what do I do?


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  • don't kiss him if you don't like him then. just be honest. that's thebest thing to do. the longer it drags out, the more hurt he gets. so just tell him you see him as a friend, only. eventually he'll get over it

    • He doesn't like me though which is the really confusing part.

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  • I'm sorry, I stopped reading when I got to the part where he "accidentally" hit you in the face with hos track spikes. That's f***ing hilarious.

    • Thanks, that's helpful. but yeah....haha it was pretty funny.

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  • Just don't let it happen again. If he brings it up make sure he knows your not interested in him.