So I finally got a date, two in fact. What now?

Finally after now having done around 400 cold approaches and having sent out 250 messages on online dating I managed to get 2 dates in quick succession, the first dates I have been on in about 9 months. The first failed miserably, we got on fine but it turned out she was 5 years older than me and she seemed to lose all interest upon learning this.

As for the second girl we met up, got on really well, had a few drinks each and ended up hugging and kissing for a fair while. Everything seemed to go really well. We were on the same train heading home together and she said she couldn't be bothered to change trains (she changes a couple of stops before where I live), I'm not sure if she was hinting at coming to stay at mine but it wouldn't have been feasible for me anyway so I ignored it.

The next afternoon she text me asking if I got home okay and saying she couldn't sleep during the night (despite being half asleep on the train home), I replied a couple of hours later saying that I did get home okay and assumed she had too. She didn't reply, I assumed this was because my message didn't have a clear need for a response. I text her later that night asking how her day had been, she didn't reply. Its now been another day and she still hasn't replied or text me. I'm very confused and feel pretty sh*t about it.

Also I should add that she is foreign (from Slovakia, if anyone here is from Slovakia, are you all really bad at replying?) and that she is going back for a week in two days time. She was also quite poor at replying before we met up, I thought she was likely to flake, although it was more like taking a few hours to reply rather than not replying for days.

Finally, thanks to anyone who bothered to read all of that and do you guys think I need to change my name now?


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  • Give her time. I talked to slovakia girls a few times they get very busy. a lot of girls from those locations I talked to are always busy have jobs in such, try to apologize to her on the text when you have a chance. a lot of them are not very good at English too take that as a factor.

    Lastly, just give her time. Make sure to send her text as a apolgize note too just incase.

    Plus, I always talked to girls online from different countries. I know a little bit on how they are there usually slow to respond esepically from email.

  • you were a d*** you should of gone back to hers regardless of what you had on tomorrow or how much money you have should of just done it you knew what she was trying to do so ignore you , you gave her the cold shoulder first , when she gets back meet her at airport and go home with her

    • She wasn't inviting me to hers. She was hinting at coming to mine, which due to my current living arrangements isn't possible. She might not have even been doing that. I've only met her twice so I think meeting her at the airport is bit too forward lmao

  • Well that was a little accident. You should have just told her that you couldn't accomodate, and tell her that you hoped you'd see her quickly again.

    Then she gave you another chance to be nice to her, and you gave her a quite indifferent answer.

    Try stuff like "I'm going to miss you" next time.

    And yeah, see ? You have to change your nickname. To "SoonReallyReadyToDate" ;)

    • I've only met her twice, one of the times was for about 5 minutes. Bit soon to be missing her don't you think? lol

    • You can miss her for what's to be coming. You can show her you want to see her more. Use your language abilities to learn what to say in these circumstances.

  • I don't know... I havn't heard of that

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