What did he mean exactly when he said "he doesn't make much money"?

Whu would a guy you have been dating for just 2 weeks

Tell you, his stressed, and when you asked why... he said

Am stressed because I don't make much money?

What is he trying to tell me? I have been dating him for just 2

Weeks... why would he tell me such a thing

Am 100% sure he doesn't want to break it off, he was telling

Me how much he likes me and want to see me more often, did

I mention that his 39 and am 21... maybe he wants to make sure am

Not trying to use him for $


Most Helpful Guy

  • i think he's just telling you a stress in his life. he doesn't make much money

    also it's sort of a disclaimer so you know, as the relationship progresses, what you are getting into in case money is important to you or so you understand perhaps why he doesn't take you on fancy dates, have a great car, or something like that


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What Guys Said 1

  • He's not worth dating, and as the saying goes it's a red flag.

    And for numerous reasons.

    • hehee.. downgrade, for an honest standpoint? lol..

      I suppose it depends on why/how he said. Some self-deprecating humour is OK (in moderation). Or saying that he is in between jobs, or has some temporary major expenses.

What Girls Said 3

  • He was probably just being honest with you. I've felt that at times and seeked to change it.

    Is he looking to change it or just complain about it?

  • By reading just that and only have the knowledge I do based on that maybe "he is" actually stressed out because he doesn't have much money and his open about his feelings. He may be in debt or something... If he is trying to find an excuse to leave you I'd wait a bit to until it becomes a bit more clear.

  • That he's not dating material

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