First date, nervous, confused, what to talk about?

Soon my online boyfriend will come to Indonesia, what should I do, and I wear (mini dress / skirt with a tank top, or jeans)

I also plan to pick him up at the airport, what to talk about when in the car? but we can't kiss each other , bcause we gonna hire car from our hotel we already booked. I won't driver watching us.We've been in touch almost 10 months.

I do not want to happen stupid things when I was too nervous.

And how important is sex in the eyes of you? Is the first date too have sex?


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  • Ok look if this is first date too is a topic of conversation and wear whatevever feels comfortable. If it's his first date too make it look like you've been on a few dates like two. So look the part try not to be hesitant oh and sex is like to the third date

    Srry for the sh*ty info I'm sick so can't think straight


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  • I would keep it classy and wear jeans with either a cute sweater or a flowy top, depending on the weather. Since you guys have known each other for ten months, you should be familiar with him enough to think of something from his life to ask him about, like an interest or hobby of his, his family-life, etc. If you actually want to pursue a serious relationship with this dude, then I would say that it is probably best to abstain from sex on the first date.

    • yes, thanks for advice, you are right I just have to ask simply question about his life, and he also had another purpose to stay here, he wanted to settle here and make a business. He also intends to get serious with me. but I plan on staying with him, whether it was a problem if in first met we decided to stay together? maybe 2 more months he would propose me, he also wants to meet my parents, but my dad lived in different cities and far.