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I just finished year 3/5 of college right now, and after a semester abroad am seriously considering going to grad school in Europe. This summer I'm working in California (I'm 'based' in Wisconsin). I have a long lack there of of history in the dating department, that I'm trying to amend, but given my chronically moving status, is it for the best that I stay single? Keep my close friend ties and even possibly explore options for the love of experience but just stay solo for the sake of distance issues until I 'settle'? [Presuming a prince charming doesn't fall out of the sky in the mean time]


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  • I don't think you should "not" look, but of course with your constant moving status it might not be sensible to spend a lot of time searching. Instead, I think you should just be yourself, maybe you'll make new friends, maybe some of those friends will last even after you move to another continent, and maybe, just maybe, a prince charming really will fall out of the sky. The possibility exists, just don't block it out.



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