Girl flying to visit me, how interested is she?

A friend I had two good dates with that then moved across the country the week after our second date (it sucked hard) is coming to visit. We made out both dates. During the year since we had those dates we've kept in touch regularly and have openly expressed our mutual interest/attraction to each other. We're both single now.

So after much talk about flying to see each other I finally bought her a ticket to see me. She's coming in a couple days to stay with me for a few days.

Blunt question: How far is she willing to go during her visit here? I'm assuming there's definite interest still.

Would you girls fly to see someone you were interested in and expect the guy to make moves and reciprocate? Or just play it cool and slow the first couple days and then hold out until the last night or two?


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  • I would want you to wait til the last nigt (this way you can get signs form her and know if this is what she really wants). Some girls are not okay sleeping with someone super quick and some are. Read her body language and see how it feels or you will scare her off if she's the conservative type of gal.

    Good luck!


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