Just not interested if delayed dating site response?

Got a stupid question to which I'm 99% certain I know what the answer is...When you claim that you're too busy to write a response to a guy be it via text message or email via a dating website, is that the truth or are you just implying in the vaguest way possible that you're just not interested? (even though you feel the need to explain yourself)

  • I'm just not interested.
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  • I'm genuinly too busy to type a response.
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  • Think about it: If you like a girl would anything get in the way of sending her a short text?

    Same for us.

    • That's what I thought.

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    • Yeah but the guys who scream at us then stalk us and call us ****s and bitches after only a few dates and we've lost interest ruin it for the nice ones of you.

    • The way I see it, I have written off the female gender anyway. I am content with myself. I don't need deception. Especially since I am honest, direct, and to the point. No need to sit back, and hope someone disappears, because I am not interested. I get it all the time. I don't like fat girls. And who are the only ones that even want to approach me? Shamoo. I don't want to be bothered, I tell them I don't, and I tell them why. Yes, I am accused of being rude. But I am honest.

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  • When it's just to type a response, it is because I actually was busy because typing a response doesn't take that much effort or time, even if I'm not interested.

    • Yeah, because if one is truly not interested, one should not respond, right? That makes a hell of a lot more sense, than to lie, and say, "I'm busy", because if she was so damned busy, she wouldn't be able to message in the first place...

What Guys Said 3

  • I just believe that people are full of sh*t, and believe that the best way to do things is to blow smoke up each others' asses, hoping that they puff up like a balloon, and float with it. The way I see it, if I am not interested, I tell them. I seriously tell them. I was on dating sites, and get a message from someone that I lacked interest in, and Id tell her, "Sorry, but I am not interested. You are not my type.". I don't talk to her out of pity, and then come up with excuses... Or even if I find someone, and find someone else more interesting, I actually tell them, and why. Honesty is the best policy. Women today, need to learn it.

    • Guys don't understand what "i'm not interested in you" means. A LOT of them take it as "alright, I will continue to pester you because "persistence pays off!" and we can never get rid of them. While I don't condone not replying I understand why some girls do it.

    • Not me. I take words at face value. I am one to say what II mean, and mean what I say.

    • Also, women are the same way! I have had this same woman... Same woman that I have told, time and again, "I am not interested in you. You are certainly not my type", continuously try to tell me, that "We should get together. I'll change your mind!". Sorry, only an act of the Almighty would cause my mind to change. I am not interested in her, and I have been telling her that, for the past year. But, she views it as a challenge.

  • If they are interested they will reply. If you get ignored and the replies are few and far in between it's best to not get attached unless they start making a herculean effort.

  • You will see it by yourself if no answer ever comes.

    Give her the benefit of the doubt.