My friend is ignoring/being short through text, but everything seems fine in person. Why could this be?

So, my friend has been eithewr ignoring or being short through text message for the last few days. She'll ignore my texts, but then I see her tweeting and posting on Instagram. Yet when I meet up with her in person everything seems fine, we aren't arguing and even had lunch just yesterday. I just don't understand why she is blatantly ignoring my texts. Why could this be and what can I do about it?


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  • Why? Maybe she doesn't want to take you home with her. Or anyone for that matter. Instagram is for externalizing, not internalizing, and I admit there are times I don't really want to talk to people on a personal level but I wouldn't mind sharing stuff.

    Anyway, what you do is you grab her phone, glare at her real hard, growl, and say "You will answer my texts if you value your life." then put the phone into her hand, or if she's holding it, just let it go, and throw your head back half an inch while doing it, then smile and act like nothing just happened.

    • lol your answer made me laugh :) you're absolutely right in the first part though!

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