Why am I putting myself through this? Need advice.

So I have been dating my girlfriend for a year and a month now, she does absolutly everything I have ever wanted a girl to do.

My best friend that I usually go to advice doesn't like me dating her because I am always with her and I haven't hung with him in a while which is wrong I know.

But what since I can't talk to him I need your guys's advice please, since she does everything I have everything wanted I don't know if I am taking it for granted or its because I hang with her all the time. I'm moving in two years and if I can figure everything out then she's coming with

So what should I do since I'm kind of losing feelings, I want to go out and hit on girls but I can't she doesn't like me texting girls and she would never talk to another guy and she's proven it. And at the same time I want to have her...

Please help with my situation thanks everyone.

Also, I would like to add at the beginning of this relationship I never thought I would be in this position where I'm at now, she always made me so excited to see her and everything..


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  • A relationship should never restrict partners from talking to the other sex. It is just unhealthy. There should be enough trust to know that neither one of you will do something to hurt the other.

    Yet, going out and hitting on girls IS taking it a step to far. Sure, there is no harm in just chatting with some girls, but if you start actively flirting and hitting on girls, it isn't really acceptable when you are in a relationship.

    You should balance you time that you have time for your best friend AND your girlfriend. It isn't fair to your best friend to just spend so much time with your girlfriend. I am sure your girlfriend will understand if you hang out with your best friend more and if she doesn't, you should talk to her about why she has a problem with that.

    What kind of feelings are you losing? The feeling of being in love perhaps? That is to be expected after more than a year of a relationship. This isn't a bad thing, not at all. The pink shades of being in love are slowly coming off and you start to see your girl for who she really is, faults and all. It is very much true that love is blind. Yet, you should not stop loving her. You have to make the change of being in love to loving your girlfriend.

    If you are comfortable with being open and honest to your girlfriend, you should talk to her about this.

    • Dude that was absolutely perfect! Worded perfectly and everything. I do agree hitting on girls is too far but what about texting girls but in a non flirtatious way? Thanks so much for your reply I seriously couldn't thank you enough. I definitely will talk to her about it! thanks again man!

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    • Sorry that I haven't replied earlier! I took your advise and she promised me that she will work on everthing just to get the relationship going! Thanks so much man! I couldn't thank you enough! I'm way to greatful! Thanks again!

    • you are welcome!

      it is great to hear evertything worked out :)

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  • People in relationships need time apart. It's not very healthy to spend every possible moment together. Considering your best friend got upset with you I'd say you've dedicated too much of your life to this girl. You should strive to have more balance. And in doing so then you'll go back to appreciating her more and stop losing the feelings you've developed.

    But with that being said, you're also VERY young and the chances that this girl is the one you'll spend the rest of your life with is very slim. The whole point of growing up and discovering who you are is learning what you want & don't want - in life, in work, in relationships, etc. It's a rare thing to get the whole relationship package early in life.

    • You're right, it's hard to not spend time with her all the time now because all my friends are off to college and I'm doing college right by my house. Also, I'm 19 so my days of learning what I want are starting to end. Thanks so much for the reply!

    • Woah woah my young one, your days of learning who you really and what you really want are just beginning. A fallacy that almost ALL young people make is thinking they know WAY more than they do. I did myself. Once you've doubled your age you'll realize you don't know squat.

  • Sounds like you are missing out on thrill and jealous ..she sounds like he girl next door

    Does she make you feel needed, perhaps too needed ? Talk about it with her being some excitement and thrill in the relationship. I have heard that swinging helps built the passion again I don't know never been in that situation

    • I do miss the thrill of getting myself out there and taking chances. I have been her first for everything and I am not the type of guy that will just give up when things get rough that's why I'm in this position. So yes she does make me feel needed. Thanks so much for the reply any other advice?

    • Talk to her about making the relationship. Exciting, you should both learn new things you know like have her learn about auto machanic ; you get where I am try to go with this?

    • Yea I understand now thanks so much for the replies!

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