Does he still like me or not, or is he just playing it cool?

I have been seeing this guy for a few weeks and we had our first one on one date about 3 weeks ago, the date went OK and he text me 2-3 days after the date (he likes to play it cool and not seem eager ) saying he had a good time we should do it again...I agreed and then we text for a bit... But he hasn't text me since then, which was over a week ago now and he has been on social networking sites, he just hasn't contacted me! His first date follow up text was very sincere, so I don't think he sent it out of politeness or anything :/


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  • Maybe he changed his mind?

    Because if he was interested in u, one would think he'd be texting you a lot and taking you out.. But than again some MALES have a funny way of showing they like someone. So he could be playing it cool or hard to get (which is complete childish if you ask me) buy anyways, I'd send him a text just a simple, Hello, How are u? and if he doesn't reply after a week I wouldn't waste my time on him.