Coffee 'date' - Avoiding the awkwardness

I asked a crush of mine if she would like to grab coffee sometime. Contrary to the location of this question, I didn't insinuate it was a date and I don't think she's thinking it is one as well. Just asked if she would like to get coffee where she goes to med school and catch up since we haven't really talked in a while.

From what I've heard, date or not, these things are pretty awkward. We know each other but not that well. Any way to go avoid the awkwardness? Like what questions should I have ready and which should I avoid? Any general tips.

Depending on how things go, I may just open up to her about my feelings at the end of it.


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  • First of all, DO NOT open up to her about your feelings. That would be a huge mistake. She already knows what you're doing; women are far more intuitive than most us realize. Just relax and act confident, but above all, make sure she talks way more than you do. Ask her about herself -- where she's from, where she grew up, what she likes to do socially, what her hobbies are, what kinds of things she's really passionate about, etc. Don't spend more than an hour at the coffee shop. If you still feel an attraction to her and you feel like it went well, call her up in a few days and ask her out. (If you don't have her phone number, ask her for it at the end of the coffee date.)

    • Cheers mate.

      I already know the basic stuff about her from previous conversations on Facebook. Like where she's from, where she went to college and what her major is. But I'll keep the other thing in mind for sure.

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    • also maybe don't make it so interview like because this guy's suggestions for questions sounds like an interview small talk and questions even if its something stupid don't let the quite settle in.

    • Thanks for the advice nicko but this was a long time ago haha. She got busy with school so we didn't do it but we have stayed in contact.

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