Does he care about me?

My grandfather died recently. Lex (the guy I like) texted me that night and said "Sorry about your pap" I said "Thanks, I am not doing too wel" He said "Come hang out and chillax" then I responded like 15 min later and said "Where are you? is there alcohol?" He didn't responded till like a half hour later and said "No. I am in bed now, gotta get up for class tomorrow" I was baffled and didn't know what to say or think. Then the next day he texts me and says "You good?" I said "No, I can't accept this harsh reality" He said "Look at it this way, that he is no longer suffering and he is peaceful now, don't get me wrong it sucks anytime when anyone dies, but at least he is in peace now, and he is not suffering anymore" I said "I don't know if he is in peace or not. I don't know what happens when you die. I can't live with myself and I can't live with the fact my grandfather is dead. I am living with so much regret" and he didn't text back.

He hasn't texted me but I just went through the layout and funeral, so I don't know if he just figures I will give her space? I don't know if he truly cares about me, or if he just doesn't know what to say? I am in this mode now where I want to talk to people and hang out with other people cause I don't want to think about my grandfather. So should I text him? or should I wait a couple of more days for him to text me? Also do you think he cares? Thanks everyone! :)


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  • I think he cares for you. he didn't say anything wrong. I think he was just caring for you probably didn't know what choice of words to use. also what he was saying was probably misunderstood because it was a text. id text him and thank him. tell him that you'd like him to be by your side.

    now he isn't officially a boyfriend so id say his next reactions are a test of if he is worthy of being a boyfriend. if he can't find a way to be by your side during this time then id say he should be given up on as your grandfather deserves the respect that his grand daughter has a man who will stand by her and comfort her in her time of need.

    I will say if he tries to get in your pants or anything like that anytime within the next week that he should also be kicked to the don't need to be taken advantage of but lots of hugs and support.

    • Thank you! I appreciate your answer! :) I do have some history with this guy. I knew him for about 7 months, and he has told me his deepest problems and such. I will test him and see what he does. Thank you again for answering! Take care :)

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  • Firstly he sounds pretty immature, chillax and what not aren't really becoming when you are talking to someone who just lost a loved one. But secondly I assume he likes you, but not so much in the friend version since he hasn't actually been with you.

    That being said, condolences about your grandpa I remember when my grandpa passed I still haven't really come to terms with it.

    • Thank you! I am sorry about your Grandpa too! It is devastating. Yeah it is immature, but I am just confused if he cares or not. But what do you mean he likes me but not in a friend version? Do you mean a hookup? or girlfriend? Just wondering :) Thank you! Take care! And my condolences to you.

    • It's OK my grandpa passed away like 3 years ago, I just mean it seems surreal I don't realize he is gone until I visit his grave stone to me it feels as though he is still just sitting at his home watching westerns XP. But I imagine hookup if he wanted to date you he wouldve been there. (my opinion of course he might've thought you needed your space)

  • I am sorry to hear about your grandpa, my grandfather helped raise me and it hurt me pretty badly when he passed. As for the guy, that sounds kind of trashy to be honest, if he cared about how you are feeling he would of said I am sorry to hear about your grandfather do you need me to come over to help you or do you need some time alone? Hanging out is something you for fun and why would you need to go to his place if he wanted to make sure you were alright?

    • Thank you! It's nice to hear someone understands this, and I am sorry about your Grandfather. That must've been so devastating to you! And Lex is weird. I know what you mean though but it's weird that he backed out. I don't understand that at all. I don't know if it's because I said "Is there alcohol?" and he got all weird? I don't know, for all he knows I could be vulnerable enough to sleep with him, but I wouldn't cause I am unsure, but from his perspective it could have been. Thank you! :)

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