How do you deal with a roommate's boyfriend you dislike?

so my new roommate just started dating this guy. They had been going out like 2 months. Then she breaks up with him because she found out some shady info. From her gfs

- that he was talking to or trying to date a high-schooler (we are 24 years old) right before talking to my roommate

-after he found out she underage, he continued to talk to her

-all her girls in our social group think he's a player

-she already knew he cheated on his ex (biggest red flag)

-his excuse for cheating was they had a really weird relationship (long-distance), she would visit without telling him (pretty much he didn’t have the balls to break up with her)

-his email was hacked (probably by his ex) telling the high schooler to stay away and it's wrong she's underage (usually when an ex is that angry, he was pretty f***ed up in their relationship)

-he failed to mention any of this

So she broke up with him and he tried to win her over and get things back to normal.

-he suddenly said I love you (way too early)

-he said he doesn't know who hacked his email (either you date way too many girls or your bullsh*tting)

-he called the high schooler and was like "you ruined it!"

-he mopped around telling her he didn't care about work, trying to get sympathy?

-he kept inviting himself over, even tho she said she wanted space (she was kind of a pushover)

-basically two weeks went by and he was non-stop calling/texting coming over, inviting her over to his place for dinner

-he said he was so shocked she broke up so quickly because he has never been broken up with, every girl asks him out (sign he's not humble at all)

-he said he was a changed man for her, (shouldn’t change for someone, change for yourself)

-he said if they didn’t keep in constant contact he doesn’t know if he would keep trying to be good

Basically he showered her with kindness trying so hard to convince her his this “good guy/changed man” now

Finally she was wanted to really end it and not talk to him or let him come over. When he did give in and agree to follow her wishes. She started crying and eventually took him back…. (reverse psychology)

Suddenly when he doesn’t want it she wants it bad.

So now they have been dating for a month after the break up. And I have to see him basically everyday Because I'm her roommate. They sleep over basically every day of the week except maybe one day. They are in that honeymoon phase. She gets all girlie and retarded like a baby. On top of that he’s pretty PDA always placing his hand on her lower back. And every week I just replay in my head what happened and I get frustrated. On top of that he parks his car in our assigned parking space. There are plenty of parking spaces mind you, but it’s just respectful to only let the people who live there have that space (3 girls living in a town house). Basically I hate him and I can't believe my roommate is dating a guy she describes as “a good guy who just doesn’t know how to be good” WTF!

my roommate took 2 years to get over her ex, and was finally ready to date and she picks this guy. Not only did they sleep Together before the breakup, I'm sure that played a role in taking him back. They both come from a church community.


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  • Move out as soon as possible. This is very normal behavior from all parties involved in this situation. It's very common for young women living together to deal with this crap it's all about growing up.

    • I can't move out. We just moved in last month for a one year lease. :( I would if I could easily get out of it.

      Is this pretty normal?

      All my guy friends say I should just accept it and be there for her. :I

    • I'd ignore it honestly. I'm not someone that will keep listening to your break up stories. Once maybe twice but then I'm done.