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Me and this girl have just been talking for the past 2 weeks, but we have met up once for a bite to eat. And there is def some mutual attraction, as she has been trying to work with me to find a time to hangout. Anyways, we have been texting, and we were going to hang out this week, but with how busy her schedule was, and it being homecoming week this week for her, I told her that we could do something another time, if she was up for it. Well she said she definitely would be, but I am facing one problem. Its been 2 days since we talked about that and she hasn't texted back/etc. Does anyone have any tips on how to keep her engaged and interested even though we don't have plans? Should I text her later, even though I was the the one who texted her last?


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  • You have to think opposite of what you've been thinking. You keep her interested by always making her want more. If you text, and talk all the time,and have 5 hr dates...she will get bored, and starting looking for a guy who is a mystery, and a challenge to her. Too much contact does not cause her to want more time with you. Date her once per week. Talk on dates. Not texting, and only call her for the next date.

    • Well we are just talking at the moment, its her homecoming week this week, so I kinda told her to forget about hanging out and to just have fun. Suggested we could do something next week or another time. As for texting though, its nearing that "3 day" mark, and I don't want our little connection going cold ;/

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    • Well, once again, I appreciate the advice! Kinda am still unsure of what I'm gonna do, but I will take your advice into strong consideration. Thanks man :3

    • I would text her on Sunday, exactly what I told you too, and see how she responds. One step at a time brother.

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