Did he have a change of heart about me when he went on vacation?

Ive been dating someone for 5 months. and things are great.

He went on a fishing trip with friends.

Problem is he went from calling me almost daily to not calling me at all while he is on vacation.

He called me every day the week before he left, texted me that day and then called me the night before he left. We went on 3 dates last weekend as well. He talks about doing so many things with me next year.

Did he a change of heart about me when he left on vacation?

Because he was the most loving guy the week before and even the night before he left, now he hasn't called at all.

Its very confusing to me.


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  • It's vacation. Don't you do different things on vacation which doesn't leave you with as much 'free' time as your normal schedule?


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