Is making plan to go with her to an event with tickets you have to pay for more of a commitment to the date?

If you are just starting to date a girl, is it more of a commitment to the date (i.e. that you are going to show up and want to go) to plan to go to an event and pay for tickets ahead of time, than it is to just make a plan to meet for drinks?

Are you less likely to cancel (and yes it does happen) on a date that is already paid for as opposed to telling her at the last minute you can't make it to Happy Hour drinks? For me personally, I am more invested and excited about the date with a guy that I buy tickets to something in advance. Do you guys think the same way? And does that mean in some small way, you are more interested in the girl that you go to an event with vs, the girls you just meet for drinks?


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  • I've never done that because I don't want to be that invested on a first date. It needs to be short, sweet and somewhere we can talk.

    • I've never done that on a first date either. I am going to an event with a guy and it will be our 3rd date.

    • I would do a 3rd date and yes I think it's more of a commitment.