It WAS a ONE night stand. What happened?

I met a guy who lives 3,000 miles away while I was on vacation.

We had a one night stand. We are 8 years apart in age, with me being older.

I woke up the next morning and left.

I did not expect a phone call or any other contact after this.

That's why it's called a ONE NIGHT stand. Not two nights or a year of bliss (if it was great).

Yet this guy texted the next day (after I left - like 3 hrs after - he slept in).

He texted me: " Hey MiMi you took off so quick lol" "where are you guys?".

I let him know of our location.

He and his friend met my friends and I at the current location we were at.

We split up and went our separate ways.

He texted me again: "Mimi, do you want to go to the beach with us and I can show you around"

I texted him back: "I can't my girl drove 4 hrs to see me"

He texted “ we can meet you where ever you’re at, before we leave”

I texted: “sure” etc…

He kept saying he didn’t want to leave etc… We hung out for a few more hours talking and laughing (I love to joke)

2-3 days after I returned from my 3,000 mile trip. He calls (not texted) and asked how I was etc… He said he just wanted to make sure I made it home safe.

We sent pics back and forth. He said things like “damn your super sexy” “I’m speechless” etc… and I replied the same. He said he couldn’t wait to see me again.

He texted again after the phone call (like 2-3 days later). I initiated the last two texted. He always responds happily. The last texted I sent I let him know I was flying back to his town in about 5 weeks for my birthday (his birthday is about 4 or 5 days before mine. Before this we haven’t texted in a few days, but that’s expected. The reason I let him know I was coming out there was because his friend told my friend that he really likes me and wanted her and I to come see them (my friend lives out there already).

After texting him that I’ll be in his town. He texted back: “whts up boo boo” (I hate these type of names, but no big deal lol…). “whoop whoop sounds good to me!” “we can celebrate our birthdays ***(enter 3,000 mile city here lol) Style lol”…

OH YEAH! Most important the sex was GREAT! For both of us. Guess two Scorpios know how to have fun and knock some walls down! LOL


What the heck does he want from me?

We live way too far for anything serious. Plus I love my single life! I’m pretty sure he loves his too (he’s a young tender).

Just more sex? (fine with me)…

But, after all the above, he doesn’t really text me. I’m not going to texted him again since I initiated the last two text.

What happen to the ONE night stand?

Guys are confusing to me…


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  • I'd say that he primarily wants more sex but he does seem to enjoy your company. So if you're interested in a long distance friendship with benefits, he seems like he'd be a good choice.


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  • It's for more sex most likely, it's not going to be a one time thing if a number is exchanged... I've had a one night stand, first name basis, no exchange of numbers... If someone has a number they'll get horny and call it, or get big ideas that it could be a FWB set up.

    • He received my number before the one night thing happened (like 3 hrs before lol)... I did not have his number until he called me...

      Does that make a difference?

  • I guess he didn't realize it was a one night stand , for some reason he wanted more . he should of been smart enough to realize it was a one night stand due to distance involved and such


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  • He seems to be interested in you.

    Just because people live miles away doesn't mean they can't make it work.