Invited for a second date, a play what should I expect?

so had a date yesterday, it went well. the guy texted me this morning asking for another one tonight. so we are going out tonight, I just don't know what to expect.He asked me if He would pick me up, I said I'll drive there, is that ok? and what should I expect tonight?


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  • This guy likes you... let him take you out, as long as he is a perfect gentleman, and he pays for your dinner, entertainment, company, etc.

    The fact that he is willing to pick you up is a good thing. He is showing you traditional, confident moves as a man. Let him. Expect? If he is not what you want, excuse yourself.

    • A gentleman is first and foremost responsible for a Lady's safety and security. Secondly, he is responsible for her creature comforts for as long as he enjoys her company. A man always shows deferene to a Lady, otherwise he is not a real man.

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    • I'm just afraid he might still go with the flow and lie to have me even for a short period of time, because he seems there already. so guys still ask girls to be their girlfriends even after only few dates let's say 3 to 4 as you mentioned? thank you for your reply :)

    • just added you and sending you a question in private.

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  • Back to back dates seems like things are moving kind of quick. Generally, the first few dates are more a reflection of the person you're dating. So, he may the type of guy who falls quickly. Make sure to keep impressing on him who you are and what you value, because this type of guy builds up an illusion in his mind about how a person is perfect for him, when she may or may not be. This kind of relationship can hit bumpy roads down the line. He may also be the type of guy who lays it on thick and heavy so he can try to get sex as soon as possible. Or he may just be a guy who likes you and doesn't really think about how going on dates on back to back nights is not very common and pushes things forward quicker than they usually progress.

    Either way, just keep communicating about who you are and asking questions to see who he is.

    • the only reason he asked me out today is because I told me Friday , Saturday are my days off, and he's off this Saturday...I'm not sure what type of questions to ask him.

      one more question when do you tell a guy where you live? today he offered to pick me up I said I 'll drive? thank you for your reply..!

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    • "I'd like to get to know you better."

    • thank you..! that sounds good...!