On replying to messages on POF?

So, I wanted to check it out and made a profile. I didn't really expect any messages because the details in it were pretty sparse. I just had a picture and some basic info, which is all required. An hour in though, there's like 9 messages. Mostly "hey :)" and "hello", and one about a coffee date in an hour, and one to get cotton candy (lol, he sounds fun). Does it always happen this fast though? And if I'm not interested, should I reply and say that? Or if I don't reply is that enough to say I'm not?

It's not like most of them directly asked me out (only a few). They're just starting a conversation, but I don't know if there's a point if I don't want to go out with them. I can't keep a conversation with so many people anyway, it just wouldn't work. So if it's polite to say something anyway to guys I'm not into, then what do I say? Is "Sorry, I'm not interested." too snobbish? How do you phrase it? Should I even reply at all? I feel like I'm just not familiar with online dating etiquette, so some help would be nice. Thanks.


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  • I didn't get any messages back from the people I sent them to. I didn't think anyone can see them.

    If you're into the guys please just say "I'm sorry I'm not interested." Please do that.

    It's a good thing to do, no it's not snobbish.

    • if you're not into the guys I mean.

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  • If your a girl it's like that lol. If your a guy you send messages to like 15 girls and 5 write back. 3 of them will just reply hi, then if you try to start a conversation and ask things like what's your faviorate music, TV shows movies they say I like anything, a little of this and a little of that and any kind of movie is alright with me.

    Then when you think all hope is lost one girl actually seems like she actually is interestead and willing to meet you and then you get a message oh sorry I have a boyfriend I just wanted to see what is out there...

  • Reading how easy females have on dating market makes my blood boil .No guy would get this kind of attention from the opposite sex unless he had male model tier of looks. I hope you realize that even mediocre looking girls get tons of messages on dating sites so do not think that makes you Jessica Alba .

    If you want to politely decline advances of some guy , just say " sorry but you are not my type.I hope you find what are you looking for"

  • Well if you do decide to reply back with rejection,

    just be prepared to see all the "why and get over yourself and **** for not saying yes messages)


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