Would other women date me if they knew I primarily dated Asian girls in the past?

I'm a white male and dated primarily Asian girls in the past, but no success in building up a relationship with any of them.

Will white females be intimidated if they found out about my past dating choices and lose any respect for me?

I'm also very interested in black girls as well, would any black females be intimidated by this and not date me?

I'm a very well mannered and fun guy, with just a bit of bad luck when it comes to the opposite sex unfortunately.

Any answers and comments are welcome, thanks in advance.


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  • Yes, most aren't bothered

    White men tend to be the ones who take issue with white women dating non white men.

    Unless it becomes obvious that there's a fetish, it could irk some. It would only bother me if you had a fetish...cause then it would make me think that black girls are your next fetish and I don't want to be a fetish

    • to bad, you bring my very good hope down

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    • Your diction, grammar and language are horrible

    • lmao, you don't say. I guess the jokes on me ;)

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  • No they shouldn't, you liked what you liked, so I don't see that being a problem. If it is a problem for a girl, than that's not the girl for you. :)

  • Depends on that person really. Some would view that as suspicious and wondering why you're dating Asian girls and then switching to another different group.

  • No as long as you don't compare them with me :)

  • Women don't care about past relationships nearly as much as guys do. I wouldn't just blurt it out but when you do tell her, she is not gonna really care.


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