Do you think something happened to him?

So the guy I'm dating started his 2 week vacation on Sunday. He texted me Monday night asking "you free tomorrow?" I replied "yeahh." I haven't heard from him since. This is not cool at all, today is Friday and I've heard nothing. Tomorrow is his b-day and I'm not gonna text him at all. Look at how he is treating me. And I know nothing is wrong cause on Monday (before he texted me) he posted a pic on Facebook of GTA V saying how "groundbreaking" it is. I'm thinking of cutting him off tonight at 12pm. Should I? I really, really like him and this is tearing up my heart so bad. I'm heart broken. Why didn't he respond back to me when I said "yeah" Is something wrong? what do you guys think?


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  • Do you understand how connected guys are to GTA V? Give it a week, at least, but don't take it personally. It's not you. It's the game. Accept it, or move on.

    • I should try and relax? and you honestly don't think its me right?

    • yeah, just relax.. people are killing people over this video game... it's not you.. once he beats it he will be back to normal.. just give him a week.

    • oh OK thank you!

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