Why would girls I dated last time, behave this way?

Why it happening? In a last few times when I dated girls, I was asking them out a number of times and they kept saying no then when they opened up and started to agree and things started to go well, and when I ask a girl out and she said because such and such she can't go, but would like to go on a different day. I begin to kind of stop the chase. Not satisfied with her being busy. I kind of stop the chase and talking, when I continue in a couple of days she is loosing interest in me, and the rest of my chase is a waste of time as she moves to somebody else. Am I making a bad choice, or do something wrong?


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  • Well when they say no in the beginning, they are not that interested. So you could work on things a bit there.

    Some girls will give in to persistency and think it's a sign a guy really likes them and usually decide to give a guy a chance kind of a thing but it's still a bit of an uphill battle. That's why she is cancelling dates on you because she treats you more as a second option or feels awkward about going on the date and isn't super interested in meeting up.

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