The guy I have been dating for 3 months went on vacation and hasn't contacted me. Red Flag or not?

He is 50 and went on a fishing trip. Not exclusive yet, we are just enjoying getting to know each other at this point.

Things have been great, he's contacted me almost everyday for the past 3 months, been seeing each other on a consistent basis.

He took me out the the weekend before he left then he did an extra date that Mon because he kept on saying he was going to be gone for 2 weekends.

After that Mon he called me everyday up until the night he left.

Havent heard a word out of him the whole week he has been gone.

I wanted him to have a good time and told him to "have a good vacation." I didn't say anything about calling me nor did he say he was going to.

Should I be worried that he has not called me at all after 3 months of dating

He told me he didn't know if he would be able to get any reception and that it was in a remote area.


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  • Nah, it's only been a week, and he warned you that he might be able to get reception. I don't think it's anything about which you should worry.


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  • wait a while he will most likely contact you soon.