Why would you expect someone you broke it off with to continue talking to you?

I was dating this guy that is and athlete. We hit it off real great but things changed when he saw his results after a competition. He got distant and he told me his mind was not on dating because his life was all about competition. I know how passionate he is about what he does. Things between us was finally getting serious and he opened up to me about how he felt. The feelings were mutual. Anyway less than a couple weeks when he told me he needed time he started seeing this other girl. He posted a pic on his instagram of her knowing that I would see it. Mind you he posted pics of me and him when we were seeing each other and he told his fam about me. It was real. Now that I had the time to think...I believe he did this on purpose to push me away. When I confronted him about it by text he was like lets talk about this tomorrow and that it just happened between him and that girl. He says he don't plan on sleeping with her at the moment. Yes he told me all this. I think its sad because he was really into me. I think he got nervous because things were getting serious and that girl is like a cop out. He may like her but all it does is just gives him more time before dating and he wanted to push me away. Why would a guy do that? Why did he insist that I call him after? I didn't call him. I wished him well and he did the same which I thought was odd. Is it a pride thing? Do you think it was a way to release stress or pressure (which I was not doing)? I have learned some guys push away the person they like in situations like this so they don't have to see or get hurt. What do you think? by the way I feel sorry for this girl he is seeing...she has no idea is not ready...smh


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  • Sorry to hear about your situation. Sounds to me that he was talking to the both of you at the same time, but things progressed more rapidly with her than your with you. I wouldn't call him, he wants his cake and to eat it too. No one is going to share someone and stand for that. I had a guy do that to me... He pushed me away and blamed it on his work/school, yet it wasn't that. He was seeing someone else and just planned on keeping me around for a "just in case.." I totally understand when people go through things, and at times, some people might push someone away for a little while, but if it's someone they somewhat like/care about, they would like to have some type of comfort/support from that particular person. If I was in your shoes, I would be hurt, wish him well then I'd move on and never look back.

    Good luck with everything.

    • TYPO: "but things progressed more rapidly with her than they did with you..."...

    • Yea. I don't know why we get caught up in our feelings. I just realized that I never really felt comfortable in his world. When he introduced me to his friends I was faking it. I made him think I understood them. He was a bit different too. We had different interest. I wished him well. I am content. I just learned to find out about a person before I get caught up in the feelings. We had a connection but not in every way. I saw the woman clearly. Not to down her but I can honestly say Ilook better

    • I guess his competition is what he's dating. I found out he moved. He's not with her anymore. I believe he fell for me and knew that he didn't have time so he pushed me away in that way. I know bc he bragged about me to his friends and family. He is a coward. Smh

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