Can you help me out on this matter?


In high school, I started really liking this girl. I gradually started having conversations with her, both in school and on Facebook. Things went nice, and we started having more contact. Last summer we graduated from high school, so I realized I weren't going to see her in school, so I had to make a move. I tried getting her to hang out with me. She responded positively, so I asked her the first two times, but she had plans both times. I told her I wasn't good at planning, so she should just text me whenever she had some time on her hands, and we'd hang out. She did do this, but she wanted to hang out with me AND her best friend. Maybe she didn't know I was looking for a "date-light". Anyway, I had plans, so I refused. A week or two later, and just before both of us went on vacations, I told her she had to see a movie, and she could borrow it off me. She seemed thrilled, and said she had heard a lot of this movie and really wanted to see it. I tried to arrange a meeting the day after so I could hand it over, but again she had plans.

At this point I was pretty sure she just wasn't interested. The three times I had asked her to meet up she had plans, and a wise guy once told me that if the girl doesn't suggest an alternative time, she's just not interested. Also the fact she only seemed to invite me to hang out when others were around seemed odd. I thought I had to move on, because if you constantly have contact with a girl, you're not gonna get over her. We went on vacations, and I decided I wasn't gonna contact her after. I was prepared that she probably would try to contact me, but I'd have to gently let her down. So the weeks passed, and we both got back. Well, she didn't contact me. At first I was glad, because that made my task of not talking to her that much easier, but it started nagging me: "why didn't she text me".

Oh well, I still wasn't gonna text her; move on. So, about 2 months after we got back from vacation, she did text me. She said hi, and asked me how I was. I still wanted to move on, so I made sure this conversation didn't last too long, and it quickly ended.

I'm sorry this is getting a little long, but here comes my actual question: why didn't she text me for two months, but then suddenly did.

Keep in mind, JUST before the vacations, we texted 3-4 days a week on Facebook. It was quite drastic suddenly not texting.

I was once told that if a girl doesn't text you, it is because of one of two possible reasons:

1. She doesn't want to talk to you.

2. She wants you to talk to her first.

Well, if she didn't want to talk to me, why would she contact me two months later?

I thought: she could have been waiting for me to text her?

Again I thought: if she wants me to text her first, isn't she playing hard to get?

Again, again I thought: then she could've been interested, or does girls also play hard to get with friends?

This got so long, damn.

If you read the whole thing, I'd be happy if you could give me your thoughts! :)



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  • I just jumped to the last paragraph lol

    Yes, she probably wanted to talk but was either waiting for you or was just too shy to initiate it. Or maybe she just really didn't think about it until 2 months later. Some light bulb went off on her head "hey, I should see what XXXX is up to."