Difference between texting and Facebook messaging?

Ok girls, so I could really use some explanation here.

So my ex, whom broke up with me a while back, and after we tried working things out, left me to date someone else. She isn't talking to him anymore, so about three months ago, she initiated talking to me again on Facebook messenger. She's lucky I still love her and gave her the time of day.

Anyway, we've been talking just about every day since. It will vary between engaged conversation and her being short (one word answers, etc..). Not sure what the reasoning for being annoyed with me is, but sometimes she seems to be, but whatever.

When we met up again, she even told me that she wanted to see me, misses me as a friend that's always there, and when I asked if she's happy, she said that she "has her moods."

So in the last few days she's been really short with me over the Facebook messages again, and told me she was trying to stay off Facebook so she doesn't ruin a favorite TV show of hers via her friends' statuses or whatever. So I just texted her a simple "Gnight" text (I figure that keeps her off of Facebook). She responded, on Facebook, about 10 minutes later, saying "Did I say I wanted you to text me? No, so quit it."

So what's the big difference between the two and what's the big deal? Her phone notifies her just the same for both..

Also, she had mentioned that I was lucky she is talking to me and wanted to see me. What makes me the lucky one? I told her its a two way street. Could it be she just is playing games and trying to get me to chase after her or something?

So What is her deal? Why flip out about texting instead of messaging, and why act like I'm in the wrong? Why leave a line of communication open to begin with?


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  • Sounds like she's just having a bad time or in a bad mood about something, and she's talking it out on you. She's being unreasonable, there was nothing wrong with you texting her!

    • Whats with the telling me I'm lucky she wanted to talk to me and see me? She initiated talking to me again and I'm the one that decided to give her the time of day..

      How should I handle things with her?

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  • maybe she's not broken up with her ex and is scared he'll know she's cheating on him. With FB he needs her password o read her conversations besides people tend to respond quicker on fb than texts as they're always on there

    • I know she doesn't even talk to him anymore because two of her friends told me they aren't even friends anymore. As for her fb, her phone gets notifications about messages just like texts, so that's what I don't get.

  • Move on, she is not acting like a big girl.

    • Is this typical of girls that break up with their bf's and then date someone else?

    • Sometimes

    • What is the reasoning behind it? Is there anything in particular I should do?

      I do think that we can work things out eventually. When I told her that, she said "we'll see." The reason we broke up to begin with is distance (I had to move two hours away), and she is still not entirely happy with her situation (living by herself, her job, and not having that person that's always around to be herself with).

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