How do I say goodbye to my date? Or should I wait for him to do it?

he gave me hug on our second date when we got there, but I was not sure what to do when I left, I just waved bye.


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  • Umm...just do it I guess? I mean, not really sure how to answer. If you want to hug him, then hug him. If not, then waving is fine. As long as you still verbalize "bye" in some way.

    • I was expecting him to do something but he looked stressed out when we split, I didnot understand what that meant..I thought may be something happened and he changed his mind about me, or just didnot know what to do.

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    • :(

    • he asked me if he can see me again but he sounded hesitant, so I also sounded hesitant when I replied positively.

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  • What ever you are comfortable with. You did not hug back?

  • Whatever it is that makes you look comfortable.


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