Why is my ex texting me does he miss me or just looking to hook up?

My ex broke up with me about a month ago. We had a very strong and intense chemistry and connection. We got on so well and we were good together. We met up frequently and we texted all the time. . We always missed each other and would always say that. He had really strong feelings for me told he he was falling for me said I love you after about 3 weeks and said it a lot. We got serious quickly . After a month I randomly decided to text him I l love you I got confused. He didn't reply until I sent a text about another thing, Then the next day he said” I'm going to be honest pet. This is scaring me how fast things are going with us . I really had no intention of getting into a relationship until I met you . I don't know what it is. I'm afraid of hurting you and myself I'm just confused” I replied back he wasn't saying anything else so I kept messaging him about 3 times in a row in the space of 2 hours. In one of them I said "I thought you were a good guy. Though we had a connection but I don't want to be messed around by a guy who doesn't know what he wants. Then the next day I sent a long message then a replied saying Like I honestly don't know what's going on in my head. I really don't. I hurt when you said "I thought you were a good guy" I am. I've always treated you right. I just don't know what I want in life right now. I hate my job and most of my life to be honest. I'm not the right guy for you you deserve way better". That was his last message to me. I sent a couple back no reply and then about 3 days later one more and then 2 weeks later another one. I got no reply . So I started no contact for 30 days and now on the 26 day he texted me

"wanna hook up" this was at like 4am and is last seen was 4.30am maybe drunk? I know he's thinking of me even if it's not the way I want? he must still have feelings even though it might be a sexual as he's drunk. Also he already jumped into another relationship when he left me. I think the girl is a rebound.

I texted him saying "Why did you text me?was you drunk?ha"

He replied fast saying "Hahaha yeah. Sorry."

I then said "It's okay hope you're not too hungover "

He replied " ha ha thanks. I'm grand though still didn't answer? :P"

then said a while later "why you wanna talk?"

he didn't reply.

But I kind of want to hook up with him? what do I do?

Is it bad to want to hook up with him?
How comes he's interested in the answer? to whether I do or not?


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  • So he was the first to say "I love you". Then he pulls the confused card, and now he's texting you to hang? Well if he's confused to first time, you can bet we will be again.

    It clearly states that your looking for more, because your answer and I quote "he must still have feelings even though". So I'm gonna give it to you like this.

    He probably just wants to bang. Sorry to say, especially if its at 4 in the morning that he's always texting you, cause you are the last girl he has whoow'd. So its easier for him to get piece then putting effort and time into someone else, that won't be a 100% guarantee. Get what I mean?

    You are clearly on the same track as him it seems, but you do want more, since you sound emotionally vulnerable in this typing you have typed, which leads me to conclude that you want more with this guy. My advice is, do as you want. But if you are looking for a boyfriend to bring home. This guy will not come home with you, for he would have the first time, and he wouldn't have pulled the "im confused" card.

    So do as you like, just don't expect a relationship with this guy.


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  • He needs to mature up. He wasn't drunk, and he only texted you because he misses you, the girl he took couldn't match up to you. But... always believe a person who says they don't deserve you, the truth is, they don't. They know they will mess up. See, he already took another girl which is quite fast. Avoid him, he will hurt you. Get someone worth it

    • Whats his plan if I agree to hook up? is he hoping we'll hook up? while he decided what he wants?

      Or what does he want? Is the new girl a rebound?

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    • We haven't spoken in a month I am over him . I wouldn't want him back anyway as I wouldn't trust him enough it'd be emotionally draining so I wouldn't mind hooking up with him. I can still date other people .

    • I wish you the best of luck

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  • He's using you,Hun.

    • He can get when he wants it, and he knows that!

  • You asked this question THE OTHER DAY.

    Plain and simple, HE JUST WANTS TO HOOK UP, you mean nothing to him.

    Do you honestly think he would jump into a relationship with someone else if he honestly cared about you?